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Representative Latvala sponsored a landmark law that is already paying dividends for our law enforcement heroes. His bill treats a DNA hit the same as a fingerprint to help law enforcement get warrants. Already, this new law has been used to put violent rapists behind bars a lot sooner than they would have been before. The bill aimed to help children who are the victims of sexual assault and other sexual crimes, by making sure that the perpetrator is unaware of subpoenas during the ongoing case. A strong supporter of our children and second chances, he also sponsored and got signed into law, a bill designed to seal and expunge criminal records of juveniles who are non-habitual or non-violent offenders. This bill was one of his first to pass as a legislative member.

For years he filed a bill to improve health insurance coverage for our Firefighters who have a much higher risk of specific cancers than civilians, it finally passed in 2020. 

In 2021, after the tragic deaths of local law enforcement officers, Representative Latvala worked diligently to rename local roads in their honor. 

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